Pregnancy Childbirth and Our Future
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rethink the way we birth


create a happier more peaceful world.

To change the world, we must first change the way the babies are being born.
— Michel Odent


I am passionate about living our greatest dreams! I love and care so much for humanity and our earth. I truly believe we can bring balance back to our lives, to our earth and set the foundation of a flourishing future for our children and children’s children. The time is now and the most direct way to create the loving, healthy, vibrant future is to start with ourselves, our relationships, our mental/physical/spiritual health, and the way we carry and birth our children. There is a common saying, With age and experience comes Wisdom, and I am a true believer in that. Read more


Naiya: Journey Into Life

This raw documentary was created during the birth journey of my second child Naiya (2011). It was intended to share our story and how birth can be a simple natural occurrence instead of intense, complicated and needing to be managed. What surprised me the most was the feedback i received and the desire of many women around the world who were also drawn to the dolphins and wanted to come to Hawaii, to be in nature and birth their babies. This one sharing led to the birth of Conscious Pregnancy Retreats.




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Often pregnancy and childbirth are great opportunities for transformation. The intentions for all of the retreats offered are to cultivate a deeper love, understanding, acceptance, and excitement about your relationships with yourself, partner, and the life you are bringing into this world.



Primal Birth The Goddess Way- You were born designed to give birth. The Primal Birth program brings us back to our roots, knowing the power, beauty, and importance of natural childbirth.

Fit For Birth Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist- This comprehensive certification course is designed for the fitness professional who would like to specialize in pre/postnatal fitness.


Documentary Series

Imagine Our World Happy: Healing Through Dolphins Pregnancy and Childbirth- This series follows the pregnancy and birth of 4 women who chose to follow their dreams to be with the wild dolphins and birth in nature. It was inspired after my first documentary on the birth of my daughter Naiya…Naiya: Journey Into Life, when I was guided to the Big Island of Hawaii to be and birth with the wild dolphins.


our future depends on us

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