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primal birth the goddess way

To change the world, we must first change the way the babies are being born.
— Michel Odent

This quote has deep meaning for me. Right now as a collective we are unhealthy, unhappy and sick. Every chronic disease has sky rocketed and the the percentage of people including children on pharmaceutical drugs is at an all time high. My big questions are how did we get here and how can we change it? Could it be our loss of connection to our goddess selves, the part of us that is burning to come alive yet is suppressed out of fear in our current culture? In my opinion, we can heal ourselves and reverse this cycle by the way we prepare for pregnancy, carry our baby and give birth. If we take complete responsibility of ourselves, nurturing and honoring the beauty of growing and birthing a new baby we will shift and heal ourselves, our future and mother earth.

When did we lose the goddess inside of us, or when did she go to sleep? Once upon a time the goddess was flourishing and now she has almost been forgotten as we, a collective, have shifted into a lifestyle that does not ebb and flow with the goddess energy. Our inner power, intuition, and natural flow have been pushed aside in order to survive the patriarchy. (A patriarchy system is a social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control property. wikipedia)

I believe we have been shut down and shut up long enough, we are hurting, our children are hurting and our mother earth is hurting. It is time to release our true expression and goddess assets to live a fulfilled life and pregnancy/childbirth are a perfect time to unleash our hidden wisdom. During pregnancy we desire to know more about childbirth and parenting, we are also more open to create positive lifestyle changes and believe it or not we are more open to our intuitive and psychic abilities. Explore the goddess approach to the primal act of giving birth…let go and trust…you are a wise woman and inside the ancient wisdom is begging to be heard.

“The woman is the full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”
— Diane Marychild

primal birth the goddess way childbirth preparation course

Primal Birth the Goddess Way has been designed for the woman who has a feeling or knowing that life can be magical and in flow. She trusts pregnancy and childbirth are natural parts of life offering incredible insight, empowerment, love and connection to her innate wisdom and intuitive powers. Many women are afraid of the pain of childbirth and choose to numb themselves for the birth process. In fact, in general our entire population as a collective is afraid of pain and chooses to numb their entire lives with drugs, food, alcohol, shopping, sex or any other addictive habit. The numbness blocks our gifts of life, love, connection, experience, growth, healing, power, intuition, joy, excitement and every other reason to live. Living in a numbed out world is unfulfilling for many and many women are unaware that birthing numb is stripping herself and her baby from nature’s innate wisdom, bonding, love hormone cocktails, healing, empowerment, joy, connection, and intuition.

Pregnancy and childbirth are our gifts and our culture has done an amazing job of transforming this gift into a fearful painful event that women shouldn’t need to go through and thus have offered many modalities to fully checkout of the entire process from pain medicine to elective c-sections. The natural event has shifted into a technocratic event that needs to be monitored and altered if it does not flow according to the health care provider’s time line. The more we choose to disconnect from ourselves, our natural abilities, intuition, and natural rights of passage the larger of a gap we create within ourselves, one another, and our relationship with mother earth, creating more mental and physical illnesses. The process continues of sick, unhealthy, unhappy people breeding sick, unhealthy and unhappy beings. If you are reading this, you know it does not need to be this way and we can shift back to our natural state of being: healthy, vibrant, loving and excited for life. We can provide the optimal environment to nourish a healthy, happy and vibrant baby.

Imagine a pregnancy where you are connected to yourself and your unborn baby. You enjoy being pregnant and look forward to learning new ways to listen to your true self and your unborn baby. You take time to be in nature, to listen to the sounds, feel the earth, water, trees, plants, smell nature’s diverse fragrances, eat the colors of the rainbow from organically sourced food, create rituals, meditations, and acquire knowledge that reminds you of your body’s amazing ability to birth your baby in a natural primal goddess way. You create a relationship with your body and your unborn baby, you lay your hands on your body and growing baby, listen to her, dance with her, flow with her and trust in her. You love the landscape and terrain of your growing body and love the woman and baby who lives inside. You reconnect to the pleasure, love, creativity, and intuition that lies inside. You look forward to the changes in your body and embrace all the changes in life, trusting the waves of emotions, questions and uncertainty… knowing everything you need to know will be revealed in perfect time.

Imagine a birth where you are in your body, you know your body and trust in her. You feel safe to let your mind roam free and release the need of knowing what to do and surrender to the magical innate wisdom of your body and baby. You breathe in and out of every contraction, unconsciously moving, swirling, squatting, laying, groaning, howling, screaming, blowing, dancing in the mystery of birth. You are guided by physical feelings inside your body and your intuition. You rub your belly ,communicate to your baby and know you two are on this journey together. You feel the baby turning and twisting his way down the birth canal into the vaginal opening and as you feel the burning of your yoni opening your baby is born without a single push. You bring your baby to your chest and disappear into the orgasmic love cocktails, staring into your babies eyes uninterrupted by anyone or anything, simply feeling the empowerment, joy and gratitude … you just birthed your baby.

NO BIRTH IS THE SAME! And no one can guarantee you a specific birth, but if you are excited to know your body, trust in her, love her and the innate wisdom of childbirth this program is for you.

Every two weeks you will receive course information as well as meditations, practices, rituals and resources around the topics to empower you to make intuitive and educated decisions that are in alignment with your truth.

Part 1

  • Learn the physiological stages of birth and how your body knows exactly what to do and can literally deliver your baby without a push.

  • Learn about the neocortex (new brain), its role in hindering the natural stages of birth and how to shut it off during labor and birth.

Part 2

  • Learn how to choose where to birth, the right birth attendant/s and who will be in the birth room with you during childbirth.

  • Learn how to gain the support of your partner for your childbirth choices.

Part 3

  • Learn how to shift the feared event into an exciting event.

  • Learn how to tap into your intuition throughout your pregnancy so you can trust it during birth.

  • Learn what it means to be a goddess in our current culture and how to honor her.

Part 4

  • Learn how your birth affects your baby for the rest of his/her life.

  • Learn how your thoughts, feelings, and emotions can create a beautiful loving safe environment that promotes a healthy womb for optimal growth and development.

Part 5

  • Learn how the foods you eat affect you and your unborn baby.

  • Learn how movement affects you and your unborn baby.

  • Learn how optimal rest benefits you and your unborn baby.

  • Learn exercises, meditations and techniques to reduce stress.

Part 6

  • Learn why popular labor attendants like coaches and Doulas may hinder an easier less complicated birth.

  • Learn what you can do and request in advance for an uninterrupted sacred bonding experience during the first hour after birth.

  • Learn what you can do to to get the support you need organized in advance for after the baby is born.

Part 7

  • Learn different labor and birth positions and why some are more optimal for a faster and easier birth as well as trusting in your body to find the right position for you.

  • Learn the basics of what to expect in the first week after your baby is born.

  • Learn how to keep the goddess alive during this sacred rite of passage into mother hood.

In our current “Birth Culture” a natural un-medicated childbirth is the least common way a woman births. Once upon a time, childbirth was a rite of passage, that prepared a woman and baby for their new lives. It is almost a long lost wisdom.

I hope this course will ignite a spark in woman to want to take responsibility for themselves, knowing their choices have a direct impact on themselves, their children and their children’s children. The time is now for women to rise into their feminine, bringing balance to ourselves, families, communities and Mother Earth. Primal Birth the Goddess Way Course provides guidance, support, and space for women to grow, renew, stretch, contract, expand, release, love, play, to do and be all she is, to live her purpose, her expression of her divine self, and to birth feeling safe and empowered, experiencing this sacred right of passage into motherhood.

If you would like more personal guidance throughout the course Skype calls can be scheduled for an additional fee.