Pregnancy Childbirth and Our Future
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Finally a pregnancy retreat combined with childbirth education

relax.Unplug.let go.


8days 7nights july 20-27

pregnancy retreat

Women Only



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Along with the magic and excitement of pregnancy comes fears and anxieties…This beautiful retreat held on the Big Island of Hawaii will open your mind, heart and desire to be the best person, mother, partner, lover you want to be. Replace the fears of the unknown with knowledge, trust, and love for what is. Experience the gratitude and understanding of knowing how everything you eat, drink, think and feel affects yourself, your unborn baby, your baby’s future and your baby’s baby’s future. We have the power and right to live in love, to be happy, less chronically stressed and truly live our dream life. Unplug for the week, let go, surround yourself in nature, and allow us to guide you through a life-changing retreat. Leave knowing you can live your dream lives, inspired knowing that you can make a difference in creating a happier, healthier and more fulfilled world. This retreat is fun and deep.



  • Lodging and amenities

  • Organic meals for duration of stay

  • Wild Dolphin excursion

  • 1 massage

  • 2 network chiropractic sessions

  • Primal birth preparation course

  • Fun baby bonding activities, art, dance and music experiences


8days 7 nights july 28-august 3

couples retreat



It’s for real…a new chapter is beginning soon! Take this time to focus on one another and your unborn baby. Life can be extremely chaotic and busy. In these 8 days you can completely disconnect from your every day responsibilities and duties. Unplug. Relax. Let Go. This Couples Pregnancy retreat is designed to nourish your body with delicious food and gentle movement, your mind with answers to the many questions you may have around pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a family through our Live Primal Birth Preparation Course, and your soul with deep connection to one another and your unborn baby through creative processes like art, music, dance, baking, writing, and other modalities.



  • Lodging and amenities

  • Organic meals for duration of stay

  • Wild Dolphin excursion

  • 1 couples massage

  • 2 network chiropractic sessions each

  • Live Primal Birth Preparation Course

  • Fun baby bonding activities, art, dance and music experiences.



Take 2 months or more out of your everyday life and prepare for the most important event of your baby’s life. More and more women and couples are interested in a natural birth and the importance of carrying this almost lost tradition to our future generations. As most of our culture fits childbirth into their lives, we focus on creating the most magical, conscious, and peaceful experience for a natural childbirth. Imagine yourself waking to the natural sunrise daily, listening to the birds as they gently bring your awareness to the window where you look out to the deep blue ocean. There is nothing of importance to do except to be present and follow your intuition. Take a peaceful walk, visit botanical gardens, lay on a green sand beach, adventure in a kayak, take a hike, visit the volcano national park, go for a swim, a snorkel or simply lay on your lanai (balcony) and sip in the natural beauty all around.

Allow your baby to lead your way, connect deeper to yourself, release parts of you that no longer serve you and bath in the love hormones. Prepare for your birth in a meaningful and empowering way as you traverse the rite of passage of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

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  • Midwifery care

  • Midwife assistant

  • Dolphin swims.

  • Assistance of finding the perfect home/ohana for your stay and birth

  • Primal Birth preparation

    Additional Add Ons

  • Sound healing

  • Pregnancy birth art

  • Massage

  • Network Chiropractic care

  • osteopathy